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Also happy we didn't have to move seats this year and get to keep the seats we like. Hockey from row 5 is so much fun.

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Looks like the dates for my hockey ticket pack have been set. First is Sep 22. Hockey is almost back.

I think some of the recent conflict in the network is tied to this misperception. A staggering number of the posts on both sides used the word "here" as though it is an unambiguous reference. That there's somehow a single "here". That's counter to the entire way Mastodon works.

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The fact that so many people are posting things with references to Mastodon as "this website" shows how few of the people on it actually get the distributed nature. To many of them, it's clearly just another social media site. That's neither good nor bad.

In many ways, I feel like I'm watching the abuse cycle where those who are abused become abusers, as the bullied become bullies when they get the chance. Even if I might agree with your reasons, once your tactics become toxic.

When I left religion, I started saying that my new ethical framework fits on a Post-It. "Don't be an ass. If I'm being an ass, apologize and work to be better."

If you are being an asshole, I'm just going to quietly no longer be around you. Realistically, I can't stop you from being an asshole. Why? I can't, without becoming one myself. And, from what I see, most other people can't either.

My own instance (and there's only a single digit number of people on this one) has one basic rule: don't be an asshole. Fascists are assholes. Nazis are assholes. But, they don't have a monopoly on being an asshole.

I clearly need to shift who I'm following or bail on this platform altogether. I feel like things went from open displays of compassion and empathy via things like content warnings to mob mentality-driven attacks reveling in de-humanizing people in a heartbeat.

Might have to go on interviews this week, so dressing better than working alone would otherwise dictate. And I shaved. At least the parts I don't let grow.

Image description for the previous tweet (sorry, I'm trying to get better about it). Pointillist portrait of Jimi Hendrix.

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It's a re-build of a rig we made a few years ago for an art event where software helps 4 people make a portrait like this in about 15 minutes with Sharpies.

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My friend Aaron and I built a TV in a wooden box. Because reasons. There will be video later explaining and demonstrating why.

If you can, make progress. If you can't, demonstrate effort. If you can't, be present.

And yet, here I am pricing out truck-mounted carpet steamers because I was curious what they cost.

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Not really looking for another career/profession, but running a carpet steamer is really relaxing work.

I am seven kinds of sleepy right now, but need to get back to packing and cleaning instead of a nap.

So many ways this data is finding to not exist.

Just priced out my next batch of mead (apricot vanilla). Ingredients for 5 gallons are $212.14. That's only $7 a bottle, but it always sounds like a lot when I buy ingredients.

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Omg yes, finally. Thank you for this merge! #CamelCaseHashtags In our future!!

Thank you cass for reporting the issue, and thank you Gargron for the quick fix.

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