A friend had a weird space in his apartment kitchen that was wasted. So we built a shelf to double his effective counter space. With lights, because they’re awesome. fissionator.com/media/G2Hdfjk8

Hit the specialty lumber store for supplies for some upcoming ObscurityWorks projects. Got some really nice padauk, walnut, maple and some of that new toasted poplar.

The bigger view of the board. Odin in the center king spot and ravens in the escape corners.

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Cut a vinyl version of the Hnefetafl game board I designed yesterday. Going to try applying this between 2 sheets of glass/plexi and mounting in a wood frame to make an interesting set.

Might have to go on interviews this week, so dressing better than working alone would otherwise dictate. And I shaved. At least the parts I don't let grow.

My friend Aaron and I built a TV in a wooden box. Because reasons. There will be video later explaining and demonstrating why.

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Cooking down a skillet of Coke onions for burgers and hot dogs. Coming along nicely.

On a related note, how does one safely dispose of a Li-Ion battery that has bulged like this?

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Found a couple of old smartphones in a box while cleaning office boxes. iPhone 8 for reference.


Wearing my favorite summer shirt. The picnic one.


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