My sci-fi short story, "Life Sentence" is out and available in various online book stores.

@jwynia Hey! Curious: I don’t know anyone selling short fiction online. How is that working out for you?


@markmcelroy It's been in part a way to get familiar with the self-pub ecosystem. I sold 55 copies in the first few weeks that story's been out there. Which has been more than most expected when they heard I was going to try.

@jwynia Man, that’s great! I’d love to hear more about the experience sometime — things you liked, didn’t like, etc. Do you mind sharing how much of the cover price goes directly to you? (If I ask things that are too personal, please just say, “Whoa, man, none of your business.”)

@markmcelroy I'm pretty transparent about stuff. At $0.99, I get about a third. At $2.99 Amazon goes to 70%. But, I'm playing a long game on fiction, trying to build audience more than actually pull revenue from what I'm putting out in the short term.

@jwynia That’s smart — and thanks for the info. One reason I switched from commercial publishing to self publishing was the larger share that goes to my pocket. Instead of $1.75 of a $14.95 paperback, I get closer to $7.00 after fees, etc.

@markmcelroy Yeah, it's clear that the indie world has radically changed publishing in the last few years. I added a "publishing arm" to my existing software consulting business for this venture into publishing fiction.

@markmcelroy I'm working with a writing coach, and the short stories have been a really good size to work iteratively in short iterations with her. I've got 2 more that I'm revising and hope to get out along with Life Sentence soon.

@jwynia Always been curious about that process. I did workshops, of course, as part of my degree work, and small workshops after that, but never the 1:1 thing. When you get the time, that’d be another fascinating experience to share.

@markmcelroy Also, after reading your "About" on your site, the novel series I'm outlining may interest you too. It's a humanist monk solving murder mysteries on a space station.

@jwynia Intriguing! That’s got, like, four of my favorite things: humanism, monks, murder, and space!

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