My sci-fi short story, "Life Sentence" is out and available in various online book stores.

@jwynia Hey! Curious: I don’t know anyone selling short fiction online. How is that working out for you?

@markmcelroy It's been in part a way to get familiar with the self-pub ecosystem. I sold 55 copies in the first few weeks that story's been out there. Which has been more than most expected when they heard I was going to try.

@jwynia Man, that’s great! I’d love to hear more about the experience sometime — things you liked, didn’t like, etc. Do you mind sharing how much of the cover price goes directly to you? (If I ask things that are too personal, please just say, “Whoa, man, none of your business.”)

@markmcelroy I'm pretty transparent about stuff. At $0.99, I get about a third. At $2.99 Amazon goes to 70%. But, I'm playing a long game on fiction, trying to build audience more than actually pull revenue from what I'm putting out in the short term.

@jwynia That’s smart — and thanks for the info. One reason I switched from commercial publishing to self publishing was the larger share that goes to my pocket. Instead of $1.75 of a $14.95 paperback, I get closer to $7.00 after fees, etc.

@markmcelroy Yeah, it's clear that the indie world has radically changed publishing in the last few years. I added a "publishing arm" to my existing software consulting business for this venture into publishing fiction.

@markmcelroy I'm working with a writing coach, and the short stories have been a really good size to work iteratively in short iterations with her. I've got 2 more that I'm revising and hope to get out along with Life Sentence soon.

@jwynia Always been curious about that process. I did workshops, of course, as part of my degree work, and small workshops after that, but never the 1:1 thing. When you get the time, that’d be another fascinating experience to share.

@markmcelroy Also, after reading your "About" on your site, the novel series I'm outlining may interest you too. It's a humanist monk solving murder mysteries on a space station.

@jwynia Intriguing! That’s got, like, four of my favorite things: humanism, monks, murder, and space!

@jwynia I bought a copy of Life Sentence, by the way. :-) Looking forward to it!

@markmcelroy Very much appreciated! I came into this year aiming to get a rhythm of working on both short stories and novels moving forward.

I'll most likely be giving the shorts away via newsletter, etc, but having them up for sale anchors their value as real vs making them look like they were written AS giveaways.

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