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My sci-fi short story, "Life Sentence" is out and available in various online book stores.

So, I missed the deadline to fully participate in the Reddit secret santa gift exchange. But, I could sign up to be a backup in case someone flaked. I figured it would be good karma to start my participation as a net contributor. So, shortly after Christmas, I got a match. I did my research on the person (ahem, stalked a bit) and ended up hand-making 3 on-of-a-kind items that I just shipped.

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Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough

A friend had a weird space in his apartment kitchen that was wasted. So we built a shelf to double his effective counter space. With lights, because they’re awesome.

Going down a rabbit hole of candle making supplies and techniques. I need bourbon tobacco candles in my life.

YouTube just suggested I follow the topic of "Steak". I feel seen.


I made a helluva meal last night for friends in from out of town. Smoked chicken wings, bourbon peach beans, smoked Gouda Mac, bacon onion rings, and grilled pineapple and peaches.

Back in the writing saddle, re-writing a short story. Hoping to get back to the writing and music routines over the next few weeks.

I had a dream that I was at a party and went on at length about how ASCII and Unicode and UTF-8/UTF-16 encoding worked. Everyone hung on every word. That's how I knew it was a dream.

Hit the specialty lumber store for supplies for some upcoming ObscurityWorks projects. Got some really nice padauk, walnut, maple and some of that new toasted poplar.

The bigger view of the board. Odin in the center king spot and ravens in the escape corners.

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Cut a vinyl version of the Hnefetafl game board I designed yesterday. Going to try applying this between 2 sheets of glass/plexi and mounting in a wood frame to make an interesting set.

A set of hornpipes and a set of slip jigs. Plus the new single jig that two people in the band brought back from Ireland a few weeks ago. I need to lock myself in a room with the mandolin for a few days.

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Oh, plus a song. But, I have 2 weeks to work on the song.

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Came away from band rehearsal with 4 new tunes to learn. Not sure I actually have time for that in the next week or 2.

Window cleaners just finished revealing just how filthy our windows were. Amazingly clear now.

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A teaser video for the stuff my friend Aaron and I have been working on in the ObscurityWorks workshop.

A teaser video for the stuff my friend Aaron and I have been working on in the ObscurityWorks workshop.

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